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Who do we serve?
RCOTA proudly serves students throughout Riverside County. We serve students in Special Education, Alternative Education, Career and Technical Education, Pre-school, Head Start, Migrant Head Start, and Migrant Education programs. Included in our unit are Speech Pathologists, Nurses, Visual Itinerant Teachers, Audiologists, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teachers, Specialists for Orientation and Mobility, Orthopedic Impairment, and Autism all serving students throughout Riverside County. What do we believe? We believe that all students have the human and civil right to a quality public education that develops their potential, independence, and character. We believe that public education is vital to build respect, dignity, and equality of every individual so that they feel they can reach the gateway to opportunity. We believe that individuals are strengthened when they advocate collectively and collaborate professionally. We believe partnerships with parents, families, communities, and other stakeholders are essential to a quality public education and student success. 

Executive Board Members

We have a 7 member elected board and are  proud to serve the 450 members in Riverside and Imperial counties.


 Angela Tenneriello [email protected] 760-413-5049

Vice President 

Lionel Castro [email protected] 760-285-0354


Dr.Sandra Monreal-Hernandez [email protected] 760-861-9744


Lee Wygand [email protected] 951-312-4469

West County Rep 

Angela Calloway-Thornton [email protected] 909-499-5847

South County Rep

Patricia Webster [email protected] 951-746-0450

East County Rep 

Robert Ritchie [email protected] 951-306-7362

Committee Chairs

Our committees are always open to volunteers   Please reach ut. 

Membership Chair 

 Dr.Maria Haro [email protected] 714-345-2574

State council Rep 

 Castella Ysaguirre [email protected]


Erica Showalter [email protected] 909-835-5134


Erica Showalter [email protected] 909-835-5134
Lionel Castro 

Member Engagement 

 Dr Haro and Dr Hernandez Any Volunteers?? 

Human rights 

Megan Evers
[email protected],com


 Lee Wygand [email protected]

Social Justice 


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Program System Qualty Review 

PSQR Committees
Special Education PSQR May revise 8/2021 based on movement
Angela Tenneriello Angela Calloway Thornton Randi EMEM
Theresa Copple DIS Slocum
Marilyn Warner Move Cezck
Erica Showalter Transition Chappell
Lisa Rosas LAB Crystal Kerns
Kim Guevara DHH Hinkle
Adriana Duff Elem Alvord Randi
Naquitia Astorga Aut HS Anny Yates
 Alternative Education
Lionel Castro drc
Castella Ysaguirre community
Sandra Hernandez juvenile hall
Peter Ainsworth adult jail
Brandy Reeves cbk Janice
Tammy Danover cbk Theresa
Oranda Tatum court school 
Shawna G Community 
Deanna Brian S Randy Phoebe Vince Chugbo Art K

MIgrant Georganne Padilla 168 toddler
Calexico Alejandra Seaman 168 toddle Brawley
Joanna Silva pre k 168 Thermal
Karla Mora FCC 191 El Centro
Sandra Noriega pre k 168 Calexico
Denise Guerrero Pre K 168 S
Marlena Gonzalez FCC 191 Thermal
Ellizabeth Quijada Toddler 168 Brawley

Pre-school Head Start
Pat Webster Perris
Elke Zoske Banning
Mary Rice Beaumont Ave
Carol Chism Beaumont EHS
Paul Gamboa Jefferson
Ify Uwaeme Murietta
Yvette Brown Perris
Darlene Carpenter Temecula
Brenda Kelly Home Gardens
Michelle Armanta
Kathy Thompson 
Rob Ritchie 
Abel Gonzalez
Ramona Godfrey
Raquel Pabst

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